Signing of contract:  Once the Armory House office has received the contract, application and payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address used to apply.  The confirmation email includes a copy of the contract, welcome letter, financial aid addendum, and a list of suggested items to bring.  Payment information such as the date due, amount due, and terms can be found on the contract.

Summer communication:  Throughout the summer, your student should receive communications from the Armory House office.  The first email should arrive in mid June and will include payment information.  The second email will contain information about their room assignment, new mailing address and contact information for their new roommate/ suitemate and should arrive in mid-July.    

Move in:  Your student will be given the choice of moving in on one of two official move in dates (the University of Illinois official move in day of Thursday, or the Sunday before).  There is an additional fee for moving in prior to the official University move in date. 

Throughout the year:  Armory House will communicate mainly via email or Facebook throughout the course of the school year.  We will alert you of updates to policies and procedures, special events such as Mom’s and Dad’s Weekends, resident activities, and information about move out.  You are always welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.  

Move out: Towards the end of April, Armory House will provide information regarding move out cleaning requirements, charges, and how Armory House handles summer mail.  It is the responsibility of your student to notify the AH office of their summer address. Any mail that is unable to be forwarded will be returned to the sender.