Armory House has always been committed to providing a safe living environment for all of our residents, especially now with the public safety and health concerns dealing with COVID-19 (coronavirus). This spring we implemented new procedures and policies in accordance with CDC and Public Health guidelines, and those students staying with us completed the semester safe and healthy. We are preparing now for our new residents arrival this fall and would like to share a brief summary of our COVID RESPONSE:

Housekeeping and Sanitation:

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available throughout the building
  • Housekeeping will include frequent disinfecting of high touch / high traffic areas of the building, including handrails, door handles, elevator buttons, etc.
  • Weekly bathroom cleaning will include distribution of plastic trash bags for resident’s personal garbage and food containers.
  • Students are asked to bag their trash and take it directly outside to the trash enclosure in front of Armory House Suites

Limiting Building Access:

  • The exterior doors will be locked 24/7  
  • No outside guests will be allowed in the building
  • Packages will be left at a central table in the main lobby for student pick-up

Common Areas:

  • Housekeeping will clean and disinfect common areas regularly
  • Physical distancing in common areas will be determined by CUPH (Champaign-Urbana Public Health)


  • To lessen cross contamination, students will be able to pick up their individually packaged containers in the serving area.
  • “Grab-and-go” items will also be available
  • Flow of traffic and physical distancing will be established in the dining area

The wellness of the Armory House Community (students and staff) will depend on everyone doing their part (ie: wearing masks in all common areas, physical distancing, hand washing, etc.) We are committed to following CDC and Champaign -Urbana Public Health guidelines and University of Illinois COVID policies. For more information you may wish to check out the following: