Meet Your RAs
We are here for you!

RAs plan social activities from day one that provide opportunities for you to get acquainted and make new friends. You will find our Resident staff to be friendly and helpful when you have questions or need assistance, and should a problem arise, they are here to help you resolve it. 


We are proud to introduce our Resident staff for the 2023-2024 academic year:


Marina Obaid

Hi! My name is Marina and I will be your ‘23-’24 Resident Director! I’m from Northern Illinois and this will be my third year at Armory House. I’m a junior studying Animal Science with an interest in emergency medicine and mixed animal practice. In my free time I like to read, try new foods, and hang out with friends. I’m excited to spend next year with you!


Henry Andersen

Hello everyone! My name is Henry and I will be your senior RA this year. I am a senior and I am majoring in history. It is my third year at Armory House. In my spare time, I like to play video games, go to the ARC, and hang out at the quad. If you see me out and about say hi! I look forward to meeting you and making sure you have a good year at Armory House.


Quinn Ham

Hello! My name is Quinn and I will be your Junior RA this year. I am a sophomore studying Integrative Biology and a member of PhiDE pre-medical fraternity. I also work in the emergency department at Carle Hospital. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, camping, and bike riding. Looking forward to meeting you and making sure you have a good year at Armory House! 


Sydney Craig

Hey! My name is Sydney and I will be a Junior RA this year. This is my second year at Armory House, but my first year as an RA! I am a senior in Sustainable Design, and I transferred here last year from a community college near my hometown in Illinois. I love art, coffee, and thrifting, and I do yoga at the ARC. After being on campus last year, I’ve learned you can always find new events to attend, places to see, or hobbies to pick up. I look forward to getting to know everyone, and helping you find things you love around campus!


Kyle Thrush

My name is Kyle Thrush and I am going to be one of your junior RA’s this year! This is my second year at Armory House and first year as an RA. I am a sophomore in architecture and I am the president of the HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) club on campus. In my free time I like to draw, exercise, and play video games. I look forward to seeing you next year!


Maxine Ma

Hi everyone! My name is Maxine Ma and I will be the Multicultural Advocate. I am from China and attended high school in Port Orange, Florida. I am a senior with majors in Political Science and Communication, also with minors in Legal Studies and Macroeconomics. In my free time, I love to travel, enjoy musicals and theatres, and hang out with my friends. Looking forward to meeting all of you and spending a great time together!