Armory House Families

I lived in the main building as a student and met my husband there, so Armory House has been a part of our family tradition since the early 80s.  The facilities offer the perfect setting for a small community, where students can begin to find a sense of “belongingness” on a large college campus.  Also, college personnel tell us that finding a place to call their own is a crucial step in students’ making a healthy adjustment and commitment to post-secondary studies.  So this is so important.  

I came from a small town, and initially, I found University of Illinois a bit daunting.  Then “move-in” day came, and I met the 5 other women with whom I would share a suite.  Almost immediately we became friends.  We enjoyed the planned social activities of Armory House, and the park that sits right behind the building.  The convenient location offered short walks to classes and the recreational facilities.

Our children were offered the choice of where they wanted to stay as freshmen at U of I.  They each chose Armory House.  It offers a close-knit, family-oriented community.  I recommend it highly!

– Brenda Craig-Cherveny  


When my daughter was accepted to the University we started looking for places to live.  As a transfer student she was interested in living in an apartment but also thought that she would like to experience some sort of dorm life as well.  We started to look at numerous housing options and narrowed it down to a couple of the University dorms and Armory House.  She went to visit and took a tour of Armory House and called me immediately after, saying that was where she wanted to live.  We filled out the paper work and she had her living arrangements taken care of.  I visited Armory House later and was very pleased with it as well.  There were many aspects about it that made me much more comfortable with my daughter living there.  The building is very secure and in a good location.  The office staff is very helpful and is always willing to help if a problem arises.  If things break the maintenance staff is there to fix it in a timely fashion and the building and rooms are kept up nicely.  The price of living at Armory House is also not that much different than what we would have paid for our daughter to live in a University dorm.  She made a lot of very good friends and had a lot of fun taking part in the intramural sports and social activities that Armory House provides.  Overall, the experience was very good and we have been very pleased with the living arrangements for our daughter. 

– Janice Poskin


When our daughter, Aja, was accepted at UIUC we were so excited and proud.  Next, was finding housing.  Some of her friends from Mendota had lived at Armory House.  So, we went through the usual tours of all the dorms on campus.  We knew immediately that Armory House was the best fit for our daughter because of the shared bathroom, great food, location, friendly staff and just a clean and bright environment.

Aja stayed in the dorms her first year and then Armory House Apartments her 2nd  and 3rd years, which was a step up from dorm living.  Armory House made her transition from home to college life easy and filled with great memories. 

Now, we’re planning for graduation and looking back I wouldn’t change a thing.  Our choice for our daughter to live at Armory House was a wonderful decision.  She was comfortable, safe and thrived in her major of Molecular and Cellular Biology. 

Thanks to the staff at Armory House for a successful and rewarding college experience. 

– Sharon Kimrey 


Wow!  What a great job you did organizing the huge move in day!  Everybody was extremely helpful and I thought the move in went very smoothly.  I loved all the help unloading the car!  It was wonderful how you helped my son bring all of his stuff up to his room while I parked the car!!  All I had to do was help him organize his room.  Thank you so much for all your help!

– Cynthia Patterson


We would like to thank everyone who helped out on the early move-in day.  That was so nice to have that extra help and to be greeted by such friendly, out going young people.  A couple of runs back and forth and everything was up in my son’s room.  We appreciated the large cooler full of water on that hot day.  It appears that the Armory House is very organized and everything is so clean!!!  My husband and I were very pleased and felt good about our son staying at Armory House his first year at UIUC.  It made it easier for us to leave him there, just a little:)  Just an overall really good feel to Armory House.  Thank you!!!

– Tom and Kathy Gill